Decoration Technologies

We excel in decorating technologies that apply to many of our products. The combinations and applications are endless. If you are looking for a custom decorating solution, we will work with you to achieve the look you desire, either with our existing applications or by exploring new technologies.


We provide high gloss and clear coat finishes with impeccable quality and efficiency. Some varieties include piano black, metallic, and solid colors.

Our capabilities include: 1k, 2k, water and solvent base, base and clear, coat, mono-coat, thermal cure, UV cure, primers, CO2 cleaning, flame treatment and pad printing.


With our applique process, customers choose from an infinite number of film and foil patterns to get the custom look they desire. Some varieties include solid color, metallic, patterned , texture and soft touch. We also offer multiple fused appliques.


We offer several lighting options to highlight or accent products.

  • Ambient Lighting – for behind console and IP panels
  • Accent Lighting – for AC vanes, thumbwheels, trim rings and cup holders
  • Functional Lighting – to help users see in storage bins, glove boxes, etc.


Whether automated or by hand, we offer a variety of wrapping options. We can wrap various materials including leather, vinyl, fabric and santoprene. We also have several kinds of real and faux stitching to choose from.


IMGL, IMG, Cut & Sew, and others

Laser Etching & Cutting

With our laser etching and cutting technologies, the options are endless. We can cut any pattern or piece, including decorative 3D etching, standard etching, a-surface cutting and barcodes and identification.

Molding Technology

More than just injection molding, we offer several high-tech molding capabilities. Some of these include piano black through high heat molding with PMMA, as well as resin with metallic flakes. We also offer multi-shot technology, whether it’s a second color for accent or a second material for a soft feel, function or appearance.

Other Decorative Technologies

Other decorative technologies we offer include real carbon fiber, aluminum wrapping, and real wood incorporation.

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Engineering & Design

We offer full service engineering support from concept to launch.  In design, testing and program management, we work with you to develop a quality product, on time, at a competitive price.





With 14 manufacturing locations, we provide world class manufacturing solutions to customers around the world.  From injection molding to flocking to painting, we can do it all and deliver it Just in Time.