New Materials; New Processes

Sometimes our customers want to use materials that are difficult to work with or limiting in nature. Instead of accepting these limitations, our engineers work around the known methods and experiment with new processes. By combining new materials with new processes, we bring entirely new technologies to market.

Original Design

One of our customers requested a remote locking mechanism for a glove box design. With only one company in the world manufacturing these mechanisms, we were backed into a corner. Instead of moving forward with this company, we designed our own mechanism to set our products apart from our competitors.

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Engineering & Design

We offer full service engineering support from concept to launch.  In design, testing and program management, we work with you to develop a quality product, on time, at a competitive price.





With 14 manufacturing locations, we provide world class manufacturing solutions to customers around the world.  From injection molding to flocking to painting, we can do it all and deliver it Just in Time.